the Beloved weekend reteat is an annual program of céilí community for women. It focuses on Song of Songs 7:10 – “I am my Beloved’s and His desire is for me”. It is an opportunity to come away and spend a weekend, alongside other women, exploring your Belovedness in the sight of God.


Down the ages, human beings have learnt to relate to God according to their uniqueness, whether it be their personalities or socio-cultural orientation.


Beloved weekend focuses on a kind of spiritual femininity, where the woman rediscovers herself with the lens of God, to see herself as God sees her, to receive this immense love of God without which she can neither love God nor herself and others as she ought. The “Beloved” woman gets to experience this divine love which is both vertical and horizontal, meaning that the love has divine and human proponents to it.


The Céilí community has conducted two beloved weekends each year for the past two years. Many have complained about the fact that beloved is a one of program, one cannot attend it twice. Some have said that they want to relive the experience. Because of this we have come up with a follow up retreat called the “Desired weekend”. This will be attended by only those that have done the beloved weekend.


There will be Talks, Praise and worship, testimony/faith sharing, Mass, opportunity for confession, Time for personal prayer and reflection, and Eucharistic Adoration. The meals and accommodation are at the venue: Ceili community, Harbour Road, Kilbeggan, Co. Westmeath. Many women that participated in it have given wholesome testimonies on experiencing the love of Jesus. You can visit the comment section in our website to find out more on what people have said about the beloved weekend. It is a spiritual relaxation worth having.

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