Cairde Céilí

Cairde Céilí – Door to Door Outreach

Priests, Religious and Lay People with an interest in the task of evangelisation but unable to commit on a full-time basis, can still contribute and participate by becoming a volunteer visitor. These volunteer visitors become Cairde Céilí. People from all walks of life are encouraged and helped to gain first-hand experience of door-to-door parishioner visitation by working alongside specially trained members of Céilí Community on a one-week placement during the visiting week on one of our Parish Missions.

To ensure that volunteer visitors are properly equipped and trained, new Cairde Céilí attend one of Céilí Community’s twice yearly practical training courses on One-to-One Evangelisation called “Sceal Weekends” {Story Weekends}. These weekends include training, teaching, group discussion and practical assignments. All of this is geared towards exploring effective ways of communicating the Gospel message to today’s society.

If you would like to know more about becoming a member of Cairde Céilí or simply wish to partake in a “Sceal Weekend” then please contact us.

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