Céilí Community Sisters

Céilí Community Sisters


  • We believe that in order to respond to the needs of our time our apostolate comes forth from a deep life of prayer and intimacy with Jesus, our Divine Spouse.
  • Our Life of Prayer consists of the Divine Office, daily Mass, eucharistic adoration.
  • Personal prayer including daily rosary.
  • Annually we have five intercession days for our apostolate and a five-day personal retreat as well as a five-day retreat with the priests & laity of the community.

Community Life

  • We strive to live a Patrician Spirituality which is centred on the Trinity.
  • We live together in community with the source of our bond being the dynamic love of the Trinity.


  • We collaborate with the priests and lay members of Céilí community in our apostolate.
  • Our apostolate consists in direct proclamation of the Gospel in ways which are relevant and challenging for the culture of our time.
  • We evangelise mainly through parish and primary school missions, youth ministry, preaching, teaching & training evangelists and forming disciples. We are also open to other forms of evangelistic outreach.

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