External Training

Our Vision For External Training

“Jesus made a tour through all the towns and villages, teaching in their synagogues…{and} proclaiming the Good News of the Kingdom…” Matthew 9:35

Our Vision For External Training

“A means of evangelisation that must not be neglected is that of catechetical instruction” {EVANGELII. NUNTIANDI. # 44}

We also wish to reach out with teaching and training to the wider Church so that a real level of awareness regarding the “new evangelisation” can be raised.

The Church cannot rest on the assumption that methods of evangelisation suited to times past are equally suitable today. The message of Christ never changes, but the world viewpoint does. Today it is changing with dizzying speed. Human beings change with it, adopting new attitudes, new values and new ways of understanding themselves in the world, hence the need for specific training in the new evangelisation.

In our external teaching and training we wish to create a platform whereby we seek to transmit that the Church is the institution founded by Christ to carry out his will on earth and has the authority to proclaim “truths” and “values” to a society that has a gaping need to hear; a “prophetic” voice, which offers an alternative to those forces which seek to enslave it.

“Catechesis develops this conversion, educates the believer in the faith, inserting him or her in the Church, the community of Christians.” {Lineamenta Ch.3}

As part of our External Teaching & Training Programmes, Céilí offers teaching and training in the following areas

  • Céilí External Teaching & Training Programmes
  • ​Follow up to our Mission Work
  • Parish Pastoral Planning
  • “New” Evangelisation
  • Door – to – door outreach
  • Weekend Conferences
  • Week Conferences
  • Leadership
  • Retreats to Lay, Religious, Priests and Deacons
  • Days of Renewal
  • “LIfe in the Spirit Seminars”
  • Lectio Divina

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