What other Parishes have said

What other parishes have said

Ladysbridge & Ballymacoda, Co. Cork – Feb-March 2024.

“There was a great atmosphere for the 2 weeks in the parish. People came out in big numbers many people came who hadn’t been in the church since Covid. Everyone was delighted with the mission and the Ceili Community received a great welcome from everyone. It really brought the community together and brought out the best in everyone. Everything the Ceili Community did was soaked in prayer, which helped to contribute to the success of the mission. There was something for everyone and a different theme every day. So well done to Ceili and may God bless your ministry.”

Fr Chris Donlon P.P.

“It was an amazing mission. It was all inclusive of door-to-door visitation, the schools, Holy Hours, personal prayer ministry, casual meetings and of course a preached mission week in the three churches. There was a great spirit of joy and happiness in the parish. I would highly recommend this style of mission to other parishes”. Fr Paddy Buckley Parish Priest of Inniscara

Inniscara, Co. Cork – Sept-October 2023.

“It was an amazing mission. It was all inclusive of door-to-door visitation, the schools, Holy Hours, personal prayer ministry, casual meetings and of course a preached mission week in the three churches. There was a great spirit of joy and happiness in the parish. I would highly recommend this style of mission to other parishes”.

Fr Paddy Buckley Parish Priest of Inniscara

Fr. Patrick McCarthy CC

Eucharistic Procession in Dripsey, Inniscara Parish

Animation of the Goodnews by the Children in the Parish

This mission, as promised, by our focus on “Rejoice and be Glad” {Pope Francis} gave us hope and encouragement, in our Parish journey of renewal.

Fr Billy O’Sullivan P.P. Turner’s Cross. Cork City.


“This mission was a wonderful experience for the parish. Each person was blessed and energised in their faith and hope.”

​Mrs Bernadette Hegarty. {Mission Co-ordinator.}  Turner’s Cross, Cork City

“A mission is an opportunity to nurture our souls. We spend so much time and money nurturing other things. This mission conducted by The Céilí Community, was a great time to re-focus us spiritually and as a parish community to recapture some of what we had forgotten”

Fr Denis Mullane Parish Priest

Templeglantine, Tournafulla & Mountcollins Parishes, Limerick

Drogheda St Mary’s and Holy Family Parishes Co. Louth – October 2019

​“As a Romanian Priest, working in Ireland this was my first mission. It was a great experience to see so many lay people involved. I enjoyed the time of mission both inside and outside the Church”

Fr Cyprian Solomon CC St Mary’s and Holy Family Drogheda Co. Louth.

“A great experience. This was a grace filled time for our loyal parishioners. It was also a time to reflect on the many challenges that face us as Catholics in preaching the Gospel”

Fr Phil Gaffney PP St. Mary’s and Holy Family Drogheda. Co. Louth

Youghal Parish Co. Cork – September 2019

“The mission gave a brilliant spur to the community of Youghal. It was uplifting. This mission will have an effect into the future. I am very pleased with everything and amazed by the energy and enthusiasm of Céilí. They treated everyone with such respect and dignity.”

Canon David Herlihy. {Retiring P.P Youghal}

​”We had an excellent mission. What was striking to me was Céilí Community’s own prayer together and the prayer ministry they offered to the parish. The mission stretched the resources of the parish in a positive way.”

Fr Pat Corkery. C.C. Youghal.

Crosserlough Parish, Co. Cavan – April 2019

​​“This mission helped further link the three churches together. We now need to tap into the motivation created by the mission to move forward in building for the future”.

​Fr Peter McKiernan P.P. Crosserlough Co. Cavan.

Parish Pastoral Council Crosserlough, Co. Cavan

​“This was our first mission in twenty years. The manner in which it was delivered was exceptional. The many different events brought a new sense of togetherness. It has refreshed the understanding of faith in our parish”.

Mr Peter Galligan Chairman Parish Pastoral Council Crosserlough Co. Cavan.

Ballymore and Drumraney Parish, Co. Westmeath – March 2019

​“Our mission event went very well. It was a great success, good crowds at the different ceremonies. I am happy how it went and how the parishioners from all five churches got behind it”.

Fr Oliver Devine P.P. Drumraney and Ballymore Parish, Co. Westmeath.



“Huge thanks to all involved in the mission. I admired the dedication of all the members of Céilí. Their lifestyle and prayer was compelling. Thank God for the wonderful hospitality of the parish with which they responded to the mission.”

Fr Jerry Murphy Drumraney and Ballymore Parish, (Fogney & Tang)



“Our parish is an amalgamation of two parishes and this mission brought us all together. There are five areas and five churches which meant that the different areas got to know each other and work with each other. All our schools and our young people were brought into the mission process. The preached mission week and especially the homilies struck a relevant cord in peoples’ lives”.

Mr Peter Cunningham Mission Coordinator – Drumraney and Ballymore Parish

Cappamore Parish, Co. Limerick – November 2018

“We had a wonderful experience of mission. It exceeded all our expectations. It enhanced the life of the parish and built on what had gone on before.”.

Fr Richard Browne Parish Priest of Cappamore Parish Co. Limerick

Glantane, Bweeng & Dromahane Parish, Co. Cork – October 2018

“It was an amazing mission. It was all inclusive of door-to-door visitation, the schools, Holy Hours, personal prayer ministry, casual meetings and of course a preached mission week in the three churches. There was a great spirit of joy and happiness in the parish. I would highly recommend this style of mission to other parishes”.

Fr Paddy Buckley Parish Priest of Glantane, Bweeng & Dromahane Parish Co. Cork

Magilligan Parish, Co. Derry – May 2018

“Exceptional mission and very commendable. The re-action of the parishioners was very positive about the visitation and doubly positive about the input during the preached week. The week in the primary school was very uplifting for both the children and the staff. A lot of important work was done in a very short space of time. A great preparation for the World Meeting of Families in Dublin August 2018.”

Fr Frank O’Hagan. P.P.

Duneane Parish, Co. Antrim – April 2018

“This was an excellent mission, the best we ever had. It touched so many people. A wonderful warm appreciation to Céilí Community from all the people of the parish”

Fr Paddy McWilliams P.P. Toome Co. Antrim

Nenagh Parish, Co. Tipperary – March 2018

“The reason we opted for this style of mission was to be faithful to the call of Pope Francis for a new concerted effort of evangelisation based on Amoris Laetitia {Joy of Love} and to prepare the parish for the World Meeting of Families in Dublin in August. This was a most enriching, enlightening, dynamic and spirit filled two weeks which touched every area of the parish, door to door visitation, schools, and of course the preached mission in the churches.”

Fr Des Hillery P.P. Nenagh Co. Tipperary

End of Mission Closing Mass with Youth Choir and Bishop Finton priests of the parish and some of the Céilí Team in Nenagh, Tipperary. Followed by a wonderful parish social. A joyful occasion of song and dance!

Knockavilla and Donaskeigh Parish, Co. Tipperary – October 2017

​“Our mission touched every area of our parish. It was well planned, well received and well attended. Thanks to the parish and Céilí Community for making it possible”

Fr James Egan P.P.

Kilrush Parish, Co.Clare –  October 2017

The house-to-house visitation made a massive difference to this mission. This was the first real contact the parish had with those who don’t attend. There was a great variety in this mission – something for everybody.

​Fr Michael Sheedy. P.P.

​I found this mission enhanced the faith of our people. It was an opportunity to get our people involved. The Céilí Community were so easy to deal with”

Fr Martin Blake. C.C


The parishioners of Kilrush have been enriched by our recent mission. The theme of “Hope” covered all life issues from family to community, reconciliation, church and healing. The house-to-house visitation programme proved extremely successful, to those who may have lost their “way”. Also, the participation of our young people showed great “hope” for our parish.

​​Mr Pat Shannon, Chairperson of Finance Committee

Boherbue – Kiskeam Parish, Mallow, Co. Cork – October 2016

“I really can’t express my appreciation and thanks to the members of the Céilí community who graced our parish for 2 weeks. It was an   extremely beneficial time and if nothing else the goodwill it generated around the place was great. There was a significant increase at the      Masses last weekend and please God that will continue.”

Fr. Jim Kennelly Parish Priest

St. Patrick’s Parish – Downpatrick – October 2016

​”The Céilí community has certainly touched us in these last three weeks with their smiles and enthusiasm, with their energy and faith, with their generosity and commitment. But remember Mattie’s last comment at the 12.00 Mass on Sunday 2nd? ‘It’s time to come down from the stands and on to the pitch.’! “

Fr. John Murray St. Patrick’s – Downpatrick Parish

Cleenish Parish: Arney, Belcoo & Mullaghdun – June 2016

“Grateful thanks to all the Céilí Team for the fortnight of ​a lifetime”.

Rev. Fr. Seamus Quinn, P.P Cleenish Parish

“In my 53 years of priesthood, I have not experienced a parish mission as good as this one. It was deeply spiritual, deeply prayerful, and so uplifting for us all. Thank you, Fr. John, Fr. Patrick, and the whole Céilí Team”

​Fr. John Finnegan

Maghera Parish Mission – May 2016

“We have a great community spirit in our Parish anyway, but this mission delivered by the Céilí Community has really put a spring in our step. I have heard nothing but praise from the parishioners. Everybody appears to have got a lift from it.”

Fr. Paddy Doherty

St. Joseph’s Parish, Berkeley Road, ​Dublin – April 2016

Fr. David Donnellan

​“The Mission was an uplifting and inspiring experience in our parish and its benefits will be felt for years to come. To all the members of the Céilí Community I give sincere thanks and grateful appreciation for the wonderful Parish Mission. May the Lord continue to bless you all and your ministry.”

The Carmelite Community and the Parishioners of the St. Joseph’s.

“What an example the Céilí community has been to this parish with their joyful enthusiasm in proclaiming the Word of God and His mercy. Their presence among us was a gift of grace from God to each one in this parish.”

Fr. David Donnellan OCD, P.P

Alice Higgins, Overall Coordinator for St. Joseph’s Parish Mission

St. Anne’s Parish, Portmarnock, Co Dublin – March 2016

The following are some of the comments made by parishioners:

“The joy of the Céilí community was very evident and deeply appreciated”

“The buzz in the parish was great”       “I wish they could have stayed longer”    “Best Ever”

“I found a loving father”    “Eucharistic Blessings were received in abundance”

” Thank you for visiting my home and giving me a house blessing” “ A wonderful Mission”

” The mission was fantastic and very inclusive”   ” I miss them already!”

Holy Family Parish, Derry City – February 2016​

“My family and I would like to thank you for all your brilliant work you all have done and are doing. Just last week the mission visited our parish of Holy Family, Derry.

My family truly loved and enjoyed every mass and service you all gave to us. My two boys are pupils at our local school and took part in the most beautiful prayers and lovely singing at school and in the Church. The cd is on repeat in our home.

The community members who delivered their time and effort were so brilliant from the morning parent prayers to the work they did with all the children. We also had a visit from one of the community priests at our home to see my mother and gave a beautiful blessing with anointing.

I cannot explain how much joy and peace it brought to myself. It truly has brought me closer to my faith and my family. The mission was so energetic……Mass was always big in our house from kids to when I was a young teenager.

So, thank you for everything you are all doing it really does make a difference. Please keep our family in your prayers and we will too”.

From a grateful parishioner of Holy Family Parish Derry.​

Courceys Parish, Ballinspittle Co Cork – November 2015

“The visitation of each home was essential to this mission. It set the tone for everything else. I have not had one negative comment about the mission. It was great to see a full church without it being a funeral. Céilí preached the mission out of a deep prayer life”.

Fr Michael O’ Mahony PP

Mullagh, Co. Cavan – October 2015

“Our mission went very well. However, our preached mission week was very difficult because of the tragic death of one of our younger parishioners. Nevertheless, there was great co-operation from different parish groups and people were very welcoming and open. The mission in our schools created a great buzz and enthusiasm.”

​Fr John Gilhooly PP.



Birr, Co. Offaly – October 2015

​The last two weeks have been a great blessing to this parish. The mission captured what was preached – “a new joy”. The witness of “The Joy of the Gospel” was infectious. Great mission – great turnout and great feedback.

Fr. David Carroll PP & Fr. Michael Reddan SVD.




Holy Family Parish, Belfast – May 2015

​“The mission was an inspiring and spiritually refreshing two weeks. All areas of the parish were covered, and we pray that the blessings we have shared will renew and strengthen us as we try to live out the Beatitudes in our daily lives and in the parish”

Fr Paul Strain PP




Kilbride, Co Roscommon – May 2015

​We had a great mission in Kilbride Parish Co Roscommon which incorporated our schools, door to door visitation, youth outreach, sick visitation, individual prayer ministry, holy hours, after mass testimonies, training for our parish readers and of course our preached mission week in both Churches. Céilí Community brought the Gospel to our parish in a new and refreshing way – “The Joy of the Gospel”.

​Fr Raymond Browne PP




Trim, Co Meath – March 2015

“The mission exceeded all my expectation. It brought joy and a great buzz to the parish. I would recommend Céilí to any parish.”

​Fr Sean Henry PP Trim Co. Meath.

​“I was very happy to hear feedback from parishioners who had not been to Mass for a long time. The mission brought them back and helped to give them a good positive experience”.

Fr Declan Kelly CC Trim. Co. Meath


Killashee, Co Longford – March 2015

“Our parish was greatly blessed by the presence of Céilí Community, and I pray God’s blessing on all as you continue His work.”

-Fr Nigel Charles P.P


Milford, Tullylease, Freemount, Co Cork – November 2014

“We had a very positive two-week mission. The theme of the mission was based on Pope Francis’ Evangelii Gaudium {Joy of the Gospel 2013}. The planning was so important and involved numerous people especially the parish pastoral council. We had great cooperation from all the parishioners. The attendance at the preached services was tremendous in all three churches. The inclusion of door-to-door visitation and the schools was very positive. Great success.”

Rev. Fr. Padraig Keogh. P.P. Milford, Charleville, Co. Cork.


“During the 18-month mission planning stage, parishioners doubted the reasons for having a 2-week mission and particularly questioned the value of the mission team visiting every home in the parish with a personal invitation to the preached week in all our three churches. Their answer came when they saw the buzz that the visitation created and how it helped the missioners and parishioners to bond and work together in harmony. We were up for the second week and the preaching. For me, the great surprise came on the Wednesday evening at the reconciliation ceremony when I saw the number of people going to confession exceed anything I have seen in over 30 years in the parish”.

Mr. P. J. Sullivan, Overall, Parish Coordinator


Edenderry Co. Offaly

“Céilí Community gave a very successful mission in our parish. Because of the size of the parish we needed a three week mission so as to successfully complete the outreach to all our schools. The mission was organised meticulously which was evident in the smooth running of all events. One novel aspect to this mission was the “prayer room” which was set up in a shop in the middle of the town. 300+ people popped in to pray and light a candle. I would highly recommend Céilí for their work, enthusiasm and zeal for the Gospel.”

Fr P.J. McEvoy PP Edenderry Co. Offaly

Kilmacrenan, Co. Donegal – May 2014

Fr. Paddy Dunne PP. with some altar servers

There was some apprehension to this style of mission prior to it happening. However, this all dissipated very quickly as soon as Céilí Community engaged with the parish and schools. We had the theme of “Refreshment” for our mission, and it has been one of transformation, bringing people closer to God in an uplifting way. So much so that after one of the evening celebrations a lady came to me wanting to become a Catholic. The mission culminated in our First Holy Communion Celebrations for the parish which was a fitting way to finish this “Mission of Refreshment”.




Boyle, Co. Roscommon – March 2014

“The mission created a great buzz and life around the parish. It drew many people together to work and enjoy it both in the preparation and the mission event. The work in the schools and the presentation in church were among the highlights. The mission brought in a few parishioners who were on the periphery. The feedback from people has been very positive”.

Fr. Gerry Hanly PP




Elphin, Co. Roscommon – October 2013

“Sincere thanks to all concerned for a memorable and fruitful Mission. The sheer professionalism of all the team, right from the opening Sunday evening was an eye opener for all of us as the Visitation Team moved from door to door, ultimately finding more homes than we thought existed.

The dedication of the Team during the second week was most edifying. Amazing results were achieved in the National Schools, as indeed was the case in the first week with the pupils in the Community College. It all made for a memorable and rewarding week.

Fr. J.J. Gannon, P.P.

The simple preaching technique adopted by both preachers was refreshing because they spoke from the “university of experience.” I must say I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.”

Fr. Tighe, C.C.

Ferbane, Co. Offaly – September 2013

Fr Tom Cox at lecturn Clonmacnoise

Mission Feedback …

“Mission gave me a handle on understanding culture today”

“Healing was beautiful”

“Mission brought ongoing work in our schools to light” “more please!”

Parish of Pomeroy Co Tyrone – May 2013

“To our parish this mission was so faith filled, refreshing and enjoyable. It involved all aspects of parish life, visitation, school, youth and church.

It has left us with a much deeper faith, renewed awareness of the sacrament of reconciliation and the importance of dialogue with all we meet.

To see a packed church each day was so uplifting – it did your heart good.

Thank you Céilí”

Fr David Moore, PP, Pomeroy and Mrs Dympna Lagan, Mission Coordinator

Derriaghy Lisburn Co Antrim – May 2013

“We had a very comprehensive mission in this Year of Faith, entitled “Time for Me Time for God”, which was geared to our busy city parish life. It had a most necessary trust based on ‘The New Evangelisation’ which was both catechetical and pastoral. The door-to-door visitation and primary school, outreach brought the whole community together, especially those who do not come to church regularly. The parishioners who attended the preached mission had the opportunity to express their faith and receive clarification on it”.

Fr Paul Byrne P.P.


Mooncoin, Co Kilkenny – April 2013

Fr Peter Muldowney, P.P.

“We had a very life giving inspirational and prayer filled mission in Mooncoin. It created a genuine interest in the Church with an atmosphere of support and welcome.  It was inclusive of all parish areas, home visitation, schools, visitation of our sick and housebound, hospitals and nursing homes. It fostered a great sense of community and belonging”.

Fr Peter Muldowney, P.P.

Ligoniel, Belfast, Co. Antrim – March 2013

Céilí Mission…Blessed,

Saint Vincent De Paul Parish

The Beatitudes was the theme of our Two-week mission here in Saint Vincent De Paul Parish, Ligoniel North Belfast. On reflection I might use this single word to describe our parish mission, “Blessed”. We were blessed by the presence of the Céilí Community.

We were blessed by the Pastoral, Spiritual and Educational dimensions of the Céilí Program. We were blessed by the generous response from the parishioners, old and young alike.

We were NOT blessed with the unseasonal weather during the last few days of the mission!!!

You are very welcome to visit our Parish Mission Page on the website for day-to-day highlights.

Fr Patrick Devlin PP

Adamstown, Newbawn Raheen, Co. Wexford – February 2013

“Magic mission. There was a great spirit of exuberance during the two weeks of mission. It cemented the great belonging among the parishioners. The Céilí Community worked extremely hard. The mission was almost like a carnival.”

Fr Robert Nolan PP and Fr Jim Furlong PP




Mitchelstown, Co. Cork – November 2012

“The Céilí Mission to our parish was inclusive of all areas of parish life. The mission reached the whole parish with large attendance at all the mission celebrations. It has left the parish with a very positive faith experience of God. The mission built upon what we are trying to do as parish. It brought a joy and affirmation to us. Our parishioners were touched by the witness of the priests, religious and lay members of the Céilí Community”.

Fr Michael Fitzgerald & Fr Patrick Cahill



St Clare’s Chapel, Manorhamilton, Co Leitrim – September 2012

“Our mission in Manorhamilton created great excitement and interest. It covered all areas of parish life, visitation of all homes {1018}, missions to our 3 primary schools, gael scoil, comprehensive school and a wonderful, preached mission week in all three churches. It has given great life to our parish and has brought to the fore gifts and skills in our own parishioners.”

Priests of Longford Cathedral    “A Mission well prepared, well organised, relevant and entertaining”.

Fr John and Fr Oliver



Ballynacargy Church, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath

“I have been out and about since the Mission ended and heard nothing but praise for the Preached Mission in the Churches and the catechising in the schools by the school mission team”

Fr John Nally P.P.


St Paul’s, Belfast, Co. Antrim

“Down to earth Mission with fantastic work done by the Door-to Door Visitation Team. Good content during the Preached Mission week with excellent handout after each session – tremendous help given to people through the Prayer Ministry”.”

Fr. Tony Devlin P.P.



Killenummery, Co. Leitrim

““A most professional approach to Mission in its preparation and execution. The congregation were held by the themes. The Missions to our schools were vital for this area”.”

Fr. Vincent Connaughton P.P.



Kenmare, Co. Kerry

““The Priest, Sisters and Parish Pastoral Council were fulsome in their praise for your work. No negative vibes at all. It is satisfying to hear good news in troubled times”.”

Canon Tom Crean P.P.






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