Primary School Missions

Primary School Missions


The Church has always been aware of the importance of a good Catholic education. This stage in the life of our children is vital in helping to build the foundations for a committed and stable adult Christian life.

“Together with, and in connection with the family, the school provides Catechesis with possibilities that are not to be neglected.” (Pope John Paul 11, Catechesis in our Time n69)

Céilí Community accords Primary School Missions a high priority in the work we do. To complement all that the family and the school community are doing in fostering religious education, our Missions are “directed towards the giving of witness in the faith” (Catechesis in our Time, n37)

Our Missions are designed to reach the whole school community – children, staff, parents and the wider Church in the local parish, by presenting the person of Jesus in a way that is relevant.

The Mission is led by a highly trained Team of 3 or 4 members, who are experienced in teaching and Mission work in schools. During the weeklong Mission we minister in a variety of ways through music, drama, mime, dance, instruction and prayer – giving the children and staff a joyful experience of ‘our own worth’, ‘the Father’s love’, ‘the Gospel message’ and what it means to be a catholic.

The goodwill and openness of all members of the school staff is essential to ensure the Mission’s success. All are invited to the Mission activities as well as to Morning Prayer, led by the Team each day before class begins.

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