Teaching and Training

Céilí In-House Teaching and Training

Brothers and Sisters … should be well instructed and prepared …

… in the catechetical art, that they may collaborate still better in the apostolate.

Even those who take part in missionary activity only for a time must be given a training which is suited to their condition.” (AD. GENTES. #26)

Our vision is to provide teaching, training and formation for the needs of Céilí Community. Our charism is evangelisation and as a community we wish to deepen our catholic faith, while nurturing our community so that it can be informed, equipped, relevant and dynamic in its understanding of the catholic faith. Going hand in hand with this, we wish to equip the community with the tools to minister effectively in the new evangelisation.

One cannot deny that in some places, within and outside of the Church there is a crisis of orthodox catholic teaching. This phenomenon is troubling. The Church sees this as a priority of our time.

In these situations, we desperately need to pick up the threads of healthy orthodox teaching, training and formation again as a matter of urgency, particularly where catholic discipleship is concerned.

Our Vision for In-House

Teaching and Training consists of 3 elements:

      1. Personal & Faith development
      2. Community
      3. Task

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