Women’s Weekend

Women’s Weekend

A weekend retreat for women of all ages which aims to help women come to know and to experience the Beloved and to grow in their identity and mission as women.​ It is an opportunity to give God the space to become the first in our hearts.

Please book your place by emailing contacting us.

​​ “This was an absolutely beautiful weekend for us women. It was full of joy peace and good fun. It was also a great weekend of affirmation for us women in our chosen roles in life. It was a haven from the storms, which provided an opportunity to re-set our compasses of life in Christ.”
​- Patricia Corrigan

“This weekend we, the women, were totally spoiled. I feel refreshed, relaxed and appreciative of my own talents and self-worth. The experience of spending time with “My Beloved” was very special, quite moving & comforting.” ​ – Frances McEvoy

“It was a wonderful uplifting, up-building weekend. I feel renewed and regenerated. It was a beautiful weekend so relaxing and peace-filled.” ​- A participant

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